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Since May, 7th, 2014, the Registry Nominet has been verifying the contact details of all .uk domain owners (domains ending with .uk,, and
Domain Providers and Resellers must comply with this Regulation. Complete, accurate, and verified registration and contact details have been a legal requirement since the date specified above.
If Nominet can’t verify your registration details through their automated process, they will require documents to verify your contact details, through our Registrar Partner.
If your registration details are still not verified within 30 days, the domain names associated with the unverified owner will be suspended.
Required Documents
To validate your contact details, we will contact you directly, requesting the following documents:
If you have registered the domain name(s) as an individual:
  •  a copy of ID (passport, national ID card, driver’s license), corresponding to the owner name
  • and a proof of address (invoice less than 3 months old, e.g. utility bill, bank statement).
 If you have registered the domain name(s) as a business:
  •  a copy of your organization's registration certificate from an official body (certificate of incorporation or equivalent), corresponding to the owner name
  • and a proof of address for the company or organization (recent invoice), if the address is not specified on the registration certificate.
Documents are required to be sent in .JPG or .PDF format. Upon receipt, we will transfer the documents to our Registrar Partner to get your domains verified. The documents are used only for domain validation. They will not be used in any other capacity.
Please note
In the event that your details are not verified within the necessary time frame (15 to 30 days), your .uk domain names will be suspended, which means that you won't be able to use, modify, renew, or register domain names that are associated with the unverified owner. You will still be able to contact us or Nominet at any time, to verify your details and get your domains unlocked.

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