Adding a domain name to my hosting panel

If you have purchased a hosting plan with us and wish to use a domain name for a website or email etc you will need to access the hosting panel and add the domain names and choose the correct hosting type.

Adding the domain

The first step is adding the domain , If you are using one of our Business Plans you can separate your domains into Webspaces otherwise you can just use the Add New Domain button which is under the Websites tab. A webspace is preferable if you intend on having an SSL certificate for example for each domain.

Choose the hosting type

You can choose to host a website on the server, setup web forwarding to another site, or just set up a domain DNS zone if you want to have only email addresses under this domain.

Document root

This is the name you want to give your website folder on the web server , typically you would use the domain name as the folder name

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