Creating a CSR for an SSL certificate

Before you can purchase as signed SSL certificate you need to provide a CSR or Certificate Signed Request for your domain name. This is generated typically on the web server your website is hosted.
Luckily this is simple enough to do in the Plesk panel we provide. From your client area , browse to the hosting plan you wish to access from Services > My Services and to the right of the Hosting Plan name click on Open Control Panel and follow the steps below.

Steps To Create CSR

  • Login to hosting panel
  • Under the Websites menu tab, select the domain name you wish to add the Certificate too
  • Click on the option Secure Your Sites or SSL/TLS Certificates (on new hosting panel)
  • Give the Certificate a name e.g your domain name.
  • Fill out any additional information required i.e Country, State or province, County ,Location (city) ,Organization name (company), Organization department or division name , Domain name, Email
  • Click on the button labelled Request
  • When the page reloads you will see the new certificate name added underĀ Certificates, click this new certificate name.
  • When the page loads , scoll down to the section titledĀ CSR and this group of random generated letters and numbers is what you must provide to obtain a signed SSL certificate.
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