Cannot connect to mail server after multiple login attempts

If you find that you are unable to connect to your mailbox but previousley could then it is likely that the IP address of the device (phone/ laptop) you are connecting from has been blocked by our security settings on the mail server.

This can happen if you have entered your password incorrectly 20 times in a 10 minute period.

What is the point of this security feature?

This feature is to protect the reputation of our mail servers and your domain name from spammers. If your mailbox had been compromised and  used to send a lot of spam, this can have a negative effect to the reputation of your domain name and also our mail server which we have to also protect.

What do I need to do?

Visit the webpage from the device you are attempting to send mail from, take note of the IP address listed. Contact our support team by opening a support ticket from your client area and send us the IP address we can check if you have indeed been blocked.
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