How do I transfer a domain name away from MYHOST.IE

If you choose to work with a different registrar and need to transfer your domain registration away from MYHOST.IE, you will need to remove the registrar lock (.com, .net, .tv, .org, .info, .in) from your domain name and verify that the WHOIS information for the registrant AND administrative contacts is valid, including valid email address(es).

Important: If you modify your domains contact information prior to issuing a transfer to another registrar your domain will be locked for 60 days as a security measure. Please contact us before you make any changes to your contact details.

If you are transferring an EPP domain, (, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .cn,,,, .cn, .tw, .jp and .in) an EPP/authorization key is required and can be obtained through our helpdesk

Transferring your domain to another registrar is different from changing your nameservers, or "transferring your domain to your hosting company." 

Login to your billing account @

  • Click Domains > My Domains
  • Click the Manage Domain button beside the domain you wish to transfer from the list
  • Click on Registrar Lock
  • Click on Disable Registrar Lock and accept changes.
  • Click on Management Tools and Get EPP Code which will be emailed to the domain own contact email address.
  • Place order with gaining registrar and supply EPP code during their ordering process.
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