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To submit a transfer to MYHOST.IE for a or domain, select the "auto-verification" transfer method.
Because .uk transfers are a push/pull process, you must initiate a transfer request with AND submit a request to the losing registrar.
Contact your current registrar and request to retag the domain name to the ISP tag MYHOST-IE. This starts the transfer away process.

It does not matter the order in which the requests are submitted, however, if you initiate the transfer with first, you must submit the request to the losing registrar within one week.
If initiating the request to the losing registrar first, you must initiate your transfer with by either the 8th of current month or the 8th of the following month, whichever is closest to the current date.

What fees are involved?
At the time of the transfer request with MYHOST.IE, we will pre-authorize the full cost (two year renewal price).

For .uk transfers where the domain has more than 3 months remaining on the domain expiration will be FREE.

For .uk transfers where the domain is within three (3) months or less of its renewal date, the domain will be renewed for 2 years upon transfer and a charge for two year's renewal will be made.

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