How Do I Transfer A .IE (Ireland) Domain Name To MYHOST.IE Print

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To transfer a .IE domain to you must firstly obtain a transfer Auth Code from the losing registrar (the registrar you are transferring your domain from). Once you have obtained this you need to place the transfer order on our website and where prompted, enter in the Auth Code during the order process. Once the order has been submitted and is active, the process is automated and normally the domain transfers with in a few hours .

So the steps involved are

  • Obtain Auth Code from the losing registrar
  • Browse to the website and place the transfer order entering the Auth Code where prompted.
  • Pay the outstanding invoice to activate the order.
  • You will receive email notification from the IEDR confirming the request has been initiate and another email when completed.

Please note that in some instances a transfer will effect your domains DNS as the losing registrar may disable your DNS records so make sure you check this before you initiate the transfer process.

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