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All our shared hosting plans come with a spam and virus filtering service as standard, however the filter sensitivity may sometimes requires adjustment if you notice your spam increasing. The default sensitivity score is 7 and this would need to be lowered if you need the filter to trap more spam, however this comes with a risk , it may also trap clean mail so the best practice is to adjust in increments and see how its working for you .

  • Login to your client area and navigate to Services > My Services > Open Control Panel to login to the hosting control panel.
  • Click on the Mail tab along the top menu options.
  • Click on the desired mailbox.
  • Click on the Spam Filter tab to view the current settings.
  • Click on Show Advanced Settings to view the current filter sensitivity
You also have the option to chose what to do with spam as it arrives to your inbox , tag it by adding some text in the email subject e.g ##SPAM##, delete it entirely or move it to a junk folder.  This junk folder is accessible from your mail client program or webmail. If you are using an IMAP mail account, then you can use the junk folder for training the spam filter by moving any spam from your Inbox to the Junk folder - this helps to train the filter even more.

If you find that your still receiving an unacceptable level of spam contact our sales department to enquire about our business grade mail filtering service.

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