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Nearly everyone has to deal with spam arriving in their inbox. Some people get hundreds a day and others get just one or two. But how can we prevent our domain from being targeted with spam ? We have made a list of steps you can take. Like anything , these steps really need to be implemented from day one otherwise there are costs involved.

Id Protect.
When choosing your domain name its a good idea to also protect your online identity for an additional small annual fee. What this means is rather than your personal contact information (name, email address, home address, phone number(s)) being on public display to anyone on the world wide web, anonymous third party details are used instead. The benefit of this is that data miners,spammers and scammer's cannot obtain your information for the purpose of unsolicited email , postal mail or other means of contact.

Public forums and websites.
Avoid posting your email address on websites that allow you to post questions or comments such as forums or discussion boards. Instead ask people to reply to the thread or send you a private message. Most forums allow this once you have created an account with them.

Use contact forms on your website.
Instead of putting your email address on your websites contact page, use a contact form. There are lots of free contact forms on the web that are easy to integrate into your website and some even have additional spam prevention technology included such as captcha.

Setup your spam filter correctly.
Most hosting companies offer spam and virus filtering as a standard feature but most customers still do not configure this properly or are even aware that they can. Our standard spam filters come with a scoring system, the lower the score you set , the harder it makes it for spam to get through . You can also create blacklists of known spammers and also train your spam filter to filter your mail intelligently. More details on this can be found in our tutorials section.

Purchase additional spam protection.
If you are still getting a lot of spam then you may need to look at an enterprise level spam filter. Please open a sales ticket and we can give you a quote.

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