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In order to transfer your domain name successfully , certain steps need to be taken and observed

Domain requirements

In order to transfer a domain between registrars, a domain must meet the following requirements:

  • The domain must be at least 60-days old. Domains that are not yet 60-days
    old are not transferable between registrars. This is a registry
    restriction, not a regulation instituted by MYHOST.IE or other
  • A domain must be in ACTIVE or OK status. If a domain is in REGISTRAR-LOCK, REGISTRAR-HOLD, REGISTRY-LOCK, REGISTRY-HOLD, REDEMPTION PERIOD or PENDING DELETE status, the global registries will not allow registrar transfer.
  • If the domain was transferred to MYHOST.IE, the transfer must have completed more than 60-days prior.

TLD specific requirements and other pertinent information

  • EPP domains: (.org, .info, .biz)
    • These domains require an EPP/authorization key for transfer. (See Article: 59 for additional information regarding EPP transfers)
    • Authorization (or EPP) keys/codes are generated by the current registrar and verified through the global registries for validity.
    • Due to a registry restriction (Public Interest Registry;, .org domains have a 60-day transfer restriction. If a .org domain has been transferred between registrars, the Public Interest Registry does not allow transfer of the domain for 60-days from the date the transfer was
  • Transferring .uk domains
    • See here for information regarding .uk transfers.
  • The 45-day transfer rule
    • Due to a registry restriction (not eNom or any other registrar, but the global registry), if a domain is renewed and then transferred to another registrar within the first 45 days of renewal, the domain will not have an additional year added to the expiration date.
  • Transfer fees/charges
    • Domain transfer fees are typically the same as registration fees

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